Sunday, March 14, 2010

march 14/3/10

Today i will do my blogger post. Also i will continue my create stage. I think that i will finish my create stage either tomorrow or today. Once i finished my created i will post more blog posts on how i did and what i did.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today we can hand in our create drafts, i have been doing the create draft a while know and i am nearly done. Today i will finish my draft and hand it in. Today i had a problem because i had a draft that could not be printed, this is because if i printed it it would be too small, if i tried to enlarge it it was going to be to big. To solve this problem there were many solutions, for example double paging the printing. or printing half of the picture and then the other half. I chose another solution, this was posting the draft on a web page. I chose the web page: wiki spaces.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today i was working a little bit on my lesson plan and also i created the first few informative paragraphs also I inserted the first pictures. I have achieve a good result for my first few steps.
Also today i helped Rami to set up hes green screen, also i helped recording his video.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday 22/2/10-The Create Stage

Today every-one has handed in their plan and today we are starting the blogger and our create stage. I will be doing the lesson plan and creating a poster. my Create will consist of making the lesson plan and then basing the poster on the lesson plan. I will be creating my poster on 'Windows Publisher'. The lesson plan will be created on word. I will chose my design that has the most information and the most pictures, this is because if i choose this one then everyone will know what the poster is about and the sub headings will make people know where the things they are looking for are.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



On Sunday there was the opening of the space center 2059, our objective was to design a space center. we had set up a PowerPoint that we didn’t finish on the first day. It took a while till the power point was done ( we finished it during the week because we didn’t just work on it). We made badges for our team, our badges were based of the name 'Galaxy Stars' ( our group name). We played one game on Sunday it was a game were we had to hold holes closed and then pour water in without water running out...We ended up having a water fight...we were all soaked.

On Monday we researched about Stephen Hawking he invented the theory of black holes, even though he was disabled with the motor nueron disease he was very smart.We did challenges like the egg and spoon race, also there were activities with ropes were you had to form shapes with the piece of rope. On Monday we had a scavenger hunt were we had to follow clues to find out were the next clue was until we found out what we were looking for.

On Tuesday we went to the Air Force, IT WAS REALLY FUN! we sat in planes also in helicopters, also the best thing was when we got to fly the flight simulator, it was really realistic because it had also the same cockpit as the real plane ( we had to stabilize and keep the height of the plane). Also we went to the Turkish embassy and he told us abit about the embassy and turkey,we ate there and then they sang for us.

On Wednesday we finialzed our project we finished it all and stuck the things together also we added a few things. we played a activity which was tug of war it was so funny becuase one we all fell and once the others fell. The last thing that we did wwas take a group photo of us all.

On wednesday

Thursday, March 19, 2009

client meeting

Here is my project.
We have finished our project quite early, however we have improved our project quite alot. It might seem like a very simple and easy thing to do. It was easy but it was very frustrating to go through the complicated steps because pages I think pages is not such a good software for making projects and I found it pretty hard because the picture would move out of its place or the text would split in have or the background picture would move, it was a mess!! However we wroked together and experimented many different things to recover. I think our project is very eyecatching and colorful and i really think it will do well. We have two posters exactly the same but one with more text. This one was more an introduction to bullying than just saying statements like we did in our second poster. Also we changed the fonts which i think we did great. Well overall i thought this was a great project and i hope you use our project.
Thank you!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

evaluation of my project

My final poster was a good achievement, me and my group member had finalized our project.We had included everything, also the things that Mr. Jones said. Our whole product was very good we had pictures and information, both at the right amount. We used our time wisely and concentrated on our work , we were not disrupted by other people. All the group members worked very well, as we all had a part, the work was 50/50 we both had the same amount of work.
 WE investigated for bullying information, pictures and then turned it into OUR OWN fantastic project! We designed our project so everything is laid out and in the right position. We Planned very well as we did about 3 posters until we had exactly what we wanted. The Creating stage was the best! we had a lot of fun,we made our own poster!
Or project worked well as the comment of Mr. Jones was 'Very good work you two'
We designed our project fantastically although we could approve on some information that we did. I would take a picture and change its opacity to low do it is see through and then i would put it as my background, this is what i would do differently. We thought it would take longer but we finished in an efficient time and had a good result. We had a few difficulties with the program that we made the poster with, example we couldn't move a picture because it would move the text, overall i did not like the program that we used, Mr. Jones did not know  either so we were kind of stuck until a peer of us told us how to do it. We saw many posters on the internet although we didn't think they were   as good as ours. The poster made me feel different, it changed my mind that bullying is REALLY  a BIG issue in many places and can cause many injuries.It probably also changed others to think like this. It changed the environment/society around me as people maybe read this poster and thought, ow yeah... thats right.. i should stop bullying people. The whole project was fun, although it was a lot of work i would NOT like to do it again.